The Rachel Davis Award
For young people who demonstrate deep compassion for others

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Award Recipents:
Jocelyn Spencer-Mills
Erin Fogarty


Honoring Compassion and the Positive Spirit of Youth

November 2011: the Rachel Davis foundation is proud to announce the second recipient of the Rachel Davis Award, Jocelyn Spencer-Mills, honouring the positive spirit of Canadian youth

Rachel, daughter of actress Janet Wright and musician Bruce Davis, was killed as she tried to protect a stranger in a fight outside a Vancouver nightclub in January 2004.  Her action that night received national media attention, and has been recognized by the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Police and the City of North Vancouver. In 2007 she was honoured posthumously with the Governor-General's Medal of Bravery.


Remembering Rachel

Who was she? Rachel was like a lot of young women: full of ideals, full of fun, worried about her looks, angry about injustices – but one thing she always had was an unswerving loyalty and sense of responsibility to others. Rachel once wrote in her diary, "I have so much to give, and no one to give it to". Ultimately she gave her life protecting a total stranger. Her family wants to complete her wish, and help empower Canadian youth in the years to come.

“She could not ration her strength.
She could not tolerate those things that
insult the dignity and light in us all.
She could not calculate what she
could afford to give, or in any way
stand by, hold back or remain
silent in the face of danger or deceit.
That is, she was like
all people with strength: open and
vulnerable – and not afraid
to be afraid”.

- Rachel’s family


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Award Recipients

2007 Award Recipent

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